SportsClips Haircut Winter Haven (Review)

SportsClips Haircut (Winter Haven)

Finding a good mens haircut in Winter Haven has been difficult for me, even though I have what I feel is a really easy cut to do.

Recently I decided to try out SportsClips in Winter Haven to see how it was (plus I had a coupon).

Typically, if I go to a barber shop, I’ve got to wait a long time and it’s a more expensive haircut than one of the chains. I just want to get in, get a haircut, and get out.

Often I go to GreatClips. They’re a cheap haircut option. Plus, if you have their app you can book an appointment when you leave your house as well as see how long the wait is.

Lately though, I haven’t been getting a good stylist or haircut there, so I decided to try something new.

SportClips Haircut Review

When you first walk in, there is computer with a touch screen so you can check yourself in and there is a waiting area with a television. I believe there were sports on the screen, hence the name sports clips.

What I like about the check in process is that when you check in, you can choose the stylist you want for your haircut.

Obviously, being my first haircut there, I didn’t know the difference between hair stylists. But I could see how that could be a benefit. Once you find a stylist you like you can pick them everytime.

I’ve had issues with getting a stylist that I know doesn’t cut my hair well but I don’t want to be rude and say “I’d rather somebody else cut my hair”.

This touch screen makes it easy to pick who you want to do you hair. I think SportClips has an App too that allows you to book your haircut and pick your stylist.

SportsClips Haircut Theme

I didn’t wait long before going back for my haircut (less than 5 min.)

The entire theme of the haircut shop is sports related, so they have packages centered around the sports theme as well.

Since it was my first time there, I was upgraded to the “triple play” package for free (not sure if that’s normal, you’d have to ask about it).

This package includes the haircut, a hot teamed towel wrap, and a shampoo with massage.

The staff was very friendly as well and they all seemed happy to be there. The entire place had a good energy.

Overall, this was a good experience.

The haircut wasn’t as cheap as Greatclips but the environment was better, the people were friendly, and most importantly… my haircut turned out good.

If you’re looking for a good men’s haircut in Winter Haven, I would definatley recommend giving SportsClips a shot.

If you’re just visiting and are looking for a good haircut near Legoland, it’s also a great option for that since it’s so close. (Just turn left when you exit legoland and it’s right in one of those plaza’s on the left).

If you’re looking for a mens haircut near winter haven and are willing to go to Lake Wales, there’s a good barber shop you can try called The Lab Barbershop.

Hope this was helpful to somebody. If you know of any other good haircut options in Winter Haven, please leave a comment below.

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