9 Main Reasons to Choose Barton Self Storage

barton storage auburndale

Main Entrance to Barton Storage.


If you’re on the north side of Winter Haven and are looking for a storage facility, I recently had the pleasure of touring Barton Storage on Havendale in Auburndale. This storage location just opened and it’s one of the top self storage locations I’ve ever visited. Clean, climate controlled storage with onsite management is an ideal option for storing all of your supplies or household possessions. If you’re packing up your house or business items and looking for a secure location to store them, here are the top reasons the new Barton would be a great option for you.

1) Age & Cleanliness

Everyone likes new… but why should it matter when it comes to where you store your stuff? If you know anything about construction and building regulations, you know they change over time. We live in a hurricane rich state. Over the years, the state has mandated new codes to try to help combat the damage typically seen after a major storm. If you’re storing your items, sometimes you need to store them longer than you initially thought. The last thing you want to worry about before or after a hurricane is whether or not your possessions are secure. While there’s no guarantee that newer construction would keep them any safer, there’s no reason to take a chance. Building codes and guidelines have changed. What was allowed 30 years ago in terms of passing building inspections is not always allowed now.

Then there is clean… everyone likes that too. The last thing you want is a dirty facility that attracts bugs, pests, rodents, and smells. If not kept clean and run correctly, a dirty or filthy storage facility can attract the wrong type of creatures- rodents, roaches, or other insects. You don’t want to go pick up your items and find that all your belongings are infested. The family that owns this facility has previous experience in managing so you know they’ll keep a clean facility.

2) Top Notch Security



Strong Security Makes Barton Storage a Nightmare for a Thief.


This one almost made the top of the list and should probably be there. But clean and new feel so good and it’s also the title of the article. That being said, security is undeniably one of the most important features to look for in a storage facility. In fact, it may be the most important feature of all. Many times storage places will have a few cameras and consider it secure, but that simply isn’t the case. They must have more than a few cameras to consider it truly secure. You should look at security the way a criminal looks at it. A good security system will allow the owners a chance to catch whomever robbed them. A great security camera setup will stop the theft from happening in the first place.

When you enter the office, the first thing you notice is the security layout Barton has set up. It definitely falls into the “great” category. Multiple cameras and multiple angles turn the entire building into a nightmare for a thief. The majority of thefts at a self storage business are inside jobs. By inside, I don’t mean the owners are in on it. I mean access is literally gained from the inside. A potential thief will gain access to the building usually under false pretenses of having their own storage needs. Once inside, all they need is bolt cutters and someone posted as a look out to be in the businesses of rummaging through your stuff for items they’d like to keep.

Barton combats this with on site management (more about that below), unit specific keypad entry, and enough cameras to make anybody with nefarious purposes stop and think again. Not only are there a plethora of cameras inside this building, but the camera feed is positioned so if you’re near the loading door you can see the cameras if you look through the office window. This should send thieves who are “casing” the building to go look for another target. If you’ve ever had anything stolen from you, the fact that your belongings were stolen isn’t the worst part. The most infuriating part is feeling that your property rights were violated.

3)  Climate Controlled and Non-Climate Controlled Units Available

divider for climate controlled storage

Barrier between climate and non-climate controlled units.

Florida has wonderful weather. Florida has humid weather. It also has hot weather, cold weather, foggy weather, hurricane weather. It’s got it all (except snow… and earthquakes which technically don’t qualify as weather… and tornadoes, unless you count the ones thrown off by hurricanes). Well, I digress. The point is, some items will do fine in a non-climate controlled environment in Florida. Other items will not.

If you want to store those items that fall into the “would not” category or if you have a mixture of items you’ll want the option of having a climate controlled environment if you choose. It may not be the actual temperature that does the damage in a non-controlled environment but the moisture that comes with it. Humidity, dampness, and massive temperature changes can cause damage to many items including electronics, wood, leather, and artwork to name a  few.

Even if you don’t opt for a temperature controlled unit, keeping your property at a place with options can make it infinitely easier to change your mind if necessary. All you would need to do is get a different unit and move them down the hall. A sturdy cart is on site for moving things; the owners wisely opted for a barrier instead of a door which makes the moving process easier and more convenient. The place is really set up so that if you have lots of things to move, it could really be a do it yourself job, but don’t tell your friends that or they may not help!


4) More Size Options Than Many Facilities

standard storage unit sizes

Standard Size Options Available.


While Barton Storage has the standard sizes pictured above for your storing needs, they also have an abundance of sizes not normally available. This gives you maximum options for storage and also allows you to rent even smaller units if necessary. For example, maybe you’re cleaning out your office because you got a new job that you won’t need everything at, but you don’t want to get rid of the stuff. When you box it up it’s minimal but you still don’t want or have space for it at your house.

Or maybe you just have one horrendous item you refuse to let go of but your wife says, “pitch it or I will”, “get it out of here”… Barton Storage answers that with their small 5 x 5 unit, just big enough for 1 large closet and roughly half the price you would pay for a 5 x 10 space that you really don’t need. I’ve help many people move in my life and it seems they always only fill up half of their unit. Every time I’ve asked why they didn’t get a smaller unit they tell me it’s because it was the only size they had available or that they only had a few sizes to choose from.

Here are your options with Barton’s and another reason they’re one of the best indoor storage places around:


Barton's storage prices

Prices for climate controlled storage.


Bartons Storage indoor pricing

Indoor Pricing – Non Climate Controlled


5) On Site Management and Super Customer Service

Automated self storage is the new rave. With new technology has come new practices in self storage businesses. One of them is using automation as a replacement for having a manager on site. No doubt in a few years many self storage places will have little to no physical presence on the site except when necessary. Automation can be a good thing, especially for businesses who need to cut costs. But you don’t want to store your stuff in a place that doesn’t have a physical person there each business day keeping an eye on things.

That’s why it’s so important to have a staff member on site during working hours to keep watch over everything. The staff at Barton is super helpful and friendly. They’re interested in helping give good customer service and it shows. While I was there my questions were answered knowledgeably and courteously. I was shown around and other customers were given help as well. Even though it was friendly, as stated before, security measures were obvious so it also felt serious.

Here’s a fun fact you probably didn’t know. Self storage facilities that are mismanaged or understaffed can have problems with residents. Yes, you heard that right,residents. As in, people attempting to use the storage unit as a place to live. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Google results below – 471 million pages strong! Having a manager of staff member on premises every day greatly reduces that risk and the associated risk to your cherished belongings being compromised.


search for someone living in storage unit

Strange… but true.


6) Easy Access

This is a factor that ranks right up there with security. I probably should have put it closer to the front. Access to your unit is undoubtedly one of the key concerns that should factor into your decision when picking a location for your wares. Barton’s has a good size parking lot with a loading area that gives easy access to all the units. As mentioned earlier, there is also a large cart available for loading and transporting boxes.

Sometimes this is overlooked when selecting a facility and it’s not until you start unloading things from your vehicle that you realize you made a grave mistake. But then you figure you should just suck it up because it’s too late now. If you’re reading this business review, it’s not too late for you. The entire premises is at ground level and you can back your car right up to the over sized loading door. If it’s before or after hours, or if management is not available, you can gain access by typing in your specific keypad code.


loading area with close up of door

Customer loading area with close up of over sized loading door.


7) On Site Restrooms

You may be wondering how this one made the list but I deplore needing to find a bathroom and not being able too. This is serious stuff though. If you’ve got your kids with you, when they’ve got to go, they’ve got to go. if there weren’t restrooms on site,  you’d have a problem. Same thing is true if your loading or unloading lots of boxes and furniture. On moving day, you’ve got to stop and get the big gulp. I get it. It just sucks when you’re done with the Big Gulp and now the Big Gulp is done with you. Lucky for you, this place is new AND clean… that’s all I’m going to say about that.

8) Pricing and Value

I’ve already listed the prices in the section on size options. But I didn’t talk about value. The value and the prices are different. Price is the price. How much does something cost. Value is how much you get comparatively for the price. In doing this review I did some cursory research on the average prices of storage units and Barton Storage comes in right about the middle of the road. They aren’t priced too high or low compared to others, but they are brand new.

If you’re storing your stuff and paying basically the same price, it makes sense to go with the company giving you the best value. New remodeling with updated security features, restrooms, and staff on site make this the best value for your money in this area.

9) Location

Location almost didn’t make the list. Not because it’s in a bad place, but because it really shouldn’t be a factor in your decision making as long as the place is reasonably close. You’ll need to decide what reasonably close is, but unless you’re planning to go to your unit multiple times a week it shouldn’t factor much into your decision.

The drive is the easiest part. Whether you are driving 5 minutes or 35 minutes, you’re truck is already loaded. It’s the unloading and packing (and value) that are significant. Being able to pull right up to the loading platform and having a good solid cart to wheel things on are conveniences that can’t be stressed enough, especially if you’ve never used a rental facility for your belongings before.


view of Barton Storage hallway

Many units to choose from.


What do you think are the most important factors to a storage facility?
Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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