2 Infinity in Lakeland is Worth the Drive.


Entrance 2 Infinity

If you’re looking for something to do with the family and can’t quite find what you are looking for in Winter Haven, consider visiting 2 Infinity Extreme Air Sports in Lakeland. I’ve been to a few of these indoor trampoline places and this one wins hands down so I thought I’d write a little review. Without mentioning names of other similar companies, my first experience was during a birthday party at a chain brand in Orlando. It was extremely dirty and not well managed. Local kids who were obviously “regulars” were hitting other kids in the face with dodge balls and trying to start fights. The high school age workers on duty  seemed to be friends with them and if you complained they didn’t do much of anything.

2 infinity mapquest

mapquest 2 infinity from legoland

So I was apprehensive about visiting 2 infinity even though my family swears by it. However, I must admit it was an awesome visit, seemed to have very few tourists (if you want to get away from them) and offered loads of fun, exercise, and entertainment for the price. You really only need an hour or two because you’ll be tired from playing so hard. We took 5 kids and 2 adults and we were happy we chose to only play for an hour.

If you happen to be in Winter Haven visiting LEGOLAND and have some time for an excursion, it’s definitely something your kids would love as an addition to their them park experience. Hopefully we will have something similar in Winter Haven in the near future. It’s about a 42 minute drive from LEGOLAND and it’s not a bad drive as far as drives go. You can see my MapQuest estimate to the left.

2 Infinity has a great system in which customers get a band to enter and exit on the hour. So you purchase jump time by the hour and if you get into the activity area at 2 pm there are a lot of people getting out at the same time you’re going in. I assume this helps them regulate how many people are inside the play area at one time and it works great. Not once did it feel overpopulated or crowded even though there were a lot of people there.

If you’re an adult, don’t fear. If you just want to watch your kids, you can get a band to go in the area and just supervise. If you want to play… they can probably handle you. We called ahead because we had a big college football player with us and he was actually allowed on everything. Not only did he get to play, he didn’t take it easy. He played hard and there were never any issues with him being too big for any of the activities. I guess even if you don’t have young kids, this would be a great place to go for fun and exercise. If you need to add something new to date night to keep it interesting, 2 infinity would do the trick.

lockers provided at 2 infinity in lakeland

These secure lockers could use an upgrade. The lockers themselves are pretty secure, but the system needs some maintenance.

The only complaint or concern I had was the way you secure your belongings. You can rent a box and they give you a lock and key with a number. No problem with that. The problem is you have to return the key and then when you’re ready to go you just tell them your number. Big problem with that. You don’t have show ID or exchange anything to get the key back.

I could have just walked up and given them the wrong number, in which case they would have handed me a key to another customers lock box. Since all the locks had numbers as well, a not so intelligent thief could have even beat their system. We had wallets, purses, and multiple phones locked up, so if you really want to keep your valuables safe you may want to lock them in your car or ask if you can hold on to the key.

(Note: If you work at or own 2 infinity and you’re reading this, you may need to tweak that system before somebody takes advantage of it.)

We didn’t have a birthday party or rent a special area but they do have that capability. We have been to a birthday party there before in which all the kids were gathered up and allowed in at the same time. Then there is an area in the back with tables so all the kids can gather, eat, and the birthday child can get their gifts.   You can get more information about parties at their website.

As some one who raised four kids I certainly appreciated the 6 and under areas that were set up for the little kids. It’s annoying on both sides (and dangerous) if those areas aren’t in place and enforced. The older kids get annoyed because the younger ones are slowing them down when they’re trying to play. The younger ones… well…. if you’ve ever seen what happens when a kindergartner is standing on a trampoline too close to where a massive high school student (or adult) happens to jump… then you know the danger. Those seconds the poor kid is floating in the air seems like slow motion and all the adults are holding their breath wondering if the kid is going to land wrong on their neck or spine. Nothing like that to worry about at 2 infinity.

If you haven’t been there I encourage you to give them a try. Ask them for the MyWinterHavenFL discount. I know for a fact that there is no such discount but it would be fun to ask. If you do ask and are feel inclined, post your experience below in the comments section of this post.

My college age daughter had so much fun that while I was writing this post she got home from her night out. She was supposed to be going to the ICE experience that is hosted in Kissimmee each year at Marriot’s Gaylord Palm Resort. When she got home though, she said they opted for 2 Infinity instead and she just went with us last week!

Below are some general pictures of the area.

2 infinity climbing area and 6 and under area

This is the 2 infinity climbing area and also one of the 6 and under areas.


2 infinity main trampoline area.

Trampoline jumping area at 2 infinity in Lakeland. The box in the center is to jump up and off of. There are also some couches to rest and/or watch your kids play.



Like basketball? You’ll like it more 2 Infinity Style!

Please share your experience with 2 Infinity in the comments section below.

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